August 06, 2004

Airline security stop asking dumb questions - only in America…link
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June 26, 2004

More transport police needed in the Twickenham area says local MP - Nothing to do with this blog's supreme leader honest.…link

April 06, 2004

Autopilot to thwart future attacks - so if terrorists can no longer crash aircraft into buildings does that mean we will soon be able to take things like tweezers and nail files on board again?…link
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April 03, 2004

Plot to blow up Madrid express foiled …link
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March 25, 2004

Bomb found on French railway - on the "high-speed" line to Basle apparently…link
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March 19, 2004

Bombings force Tube to put mobile phones on hold - feck…link
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March 16, 2004

Alert passengers spark Tube scares - well, if we are going to talk about terrorism might as well start now…link
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