May 27, 2004

Welsh Assembly to get control of rail in principality - - "If Transport (Wales) bill becomes law, the assembly will be able to direct the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) to improve services on the Wales and the Borders franchise." Jobs for the boyos Labourites directing and more state intervention? This time it's just gotta work!…link

May 24, 2004

Main rail bodies in dispute on high costs - the SRA tut-tuts Network Rail. Pot and kettle anyone?…link
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May 08, 2004

SRA is too big for its boots, says regulator - don't you just love turf wars?…link
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April 19, 2004

Bowker signals rail upheaval - well, actually, he's in no position to do so. What this looks like, is a desperate attempt to keep his job by appearing relevant. Cynical? Moi?…link
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April 02, 2004

Blair's own MPs criticise 'out of control' railway - and they call for the abolition of both Network Rail and the SRA
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March 10, 2004

Winsor puts the squeeze on SRA …link
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February 11, 2004

Rail review 'may be end of line for SRA' - here's hoping…link
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January 15, 2004

Rail funding crisis will drag on until summer

more on the suppressed report

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