October 26, 2004

'Kart Vader' - He tears around Quebec City at 100mph. In a go kart. At night. Wearing black. And he films it. Spotted by Jay Jardine.…link

August 15, 2004

Parking anarchy in St Albans - Police withdraw traffic wardens, Herts council won't have any until October, it's bedlam!…link

August 14, 2004

Jay Leno discusses the new £70,000 Cadillac XLR. I remember my uncle saying: “The Cadillac is the Rolls-Royce of automobiles!” - Will it sell in Britain? Don't they realise we have these things called bends which American cars are known not to handle well.…link

June 07, 2004

Motoring costs more than a mortgage - an average of £438 a month. Strewth …link
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June 03, 2004

I've had enough of being told what I can't do with my car - Stephen Robinson vents his spleen…link
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April 24, 2004

Ignoring the cost of car ownership - Beyond Stupidity thinks we don't know how much our cars cost…link
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April 23, 2004

It may not feel like it, but traffic is speeding up - oh yeah…link
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April 07, 2004

The drive to vilify our motorists …link
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March 01, 2004

Motorists can't kick increasingly expensive habit - aren't we the silly ones?…link
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January 15, 2004

The open road - Robert Clayton Dean extols the virtues of gas guzzlers. Not sure I'd agree with the equation cars = liberty, mind...link

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January 13, 2004

RAC calls for £20bn roads plan to prevent gridlock - well, you've got to have a dream...link - graphic here

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