October 11, 2004

Take the car and save the planet - walking kills, apparently…link
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Hybrids better than the real thing - golly…link
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September 18, 2004

ABD calls for environmental audit of public transport - all those particulates…link
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September 03, 2004

Hidden costs do not justify the level of tax on petrol in Britain - says Graham Seargeant…link
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June 26, 2004

Cars more energy efficient than trains and planes? - researchers stress that trains are still the greenest when it comes to shorter journeys but long distance trains are getting heavier and heavier which increases fuel consumption while cars gain greater fuel efficiency.…link

June 18, 2004

Rude awakening for hybrid dreamers - it seems that hybrid cars aren't quite as economical as people think…link
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March 09, 2004

School bus shake-up 'will put more cars on the roads' - and all because there wasn't a proper market…link
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February 29, 2004

Will VAT on jet fuel fly? …link
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February 09, 2004

Italians reclaim cities during traffic ban - the ban is intended to reduce pollution. I wonder if Milan was included.…link
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February 03, 2004

Regulation by Litigation: Diesel Engine Emission Control by Bruce Yandle and Andrew P. Morriss - from the Independent Institute…link
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January 28, 2004

They've come up with a CO2 neutral fuel

- but Gordon still wants to tax it

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