June 30, 2004

Tube strike hits millions as union defies pleas...link
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New blog: Road Charging Update - for "…the latest B2B road charging, congestion charging and e-tolling news, reports, analysis and conferences."...link
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June 26, 2004

I get a bit worried about certain heavily veiled ladies driving because they have no peripheral vision at all. You can understand why in some countries they are not allowed to drive.Germaine Greer talks either road safety or bollocks....link
Fat Controllers - The Spectator leader column has a go at the RMT and Network Rail...link
Drivers of black cars most likely to crashChurchill Insurance looked at 130,000 claims and found drivers of silver cars the second most likely to crash, followed by those with green, yellow, blue, gray, red, pink and white vehicles. Drivers of cream-colored cars are the least accident-prone. ...link
More transport police needed in the Twickenham area says local MP - Nothing to do with this blog's supreme leader honest....link
Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India call for privatisation of all transport - "suggested that by transferring the existing management of State transport utilities to the corporate sector, its efficiency, productivity and quality and frequency will improve." Well, duh!
UP to 90 per cent of photos taken by Adelaide's red-light road cameras can be rejected because of poor maintenance...link
Cars more energy efficient than trains and planes? - researchers stress that trains are still the greenest when it comes to shorter journeys but long distance trains are getting heavier and heavier which increases fuel consumption while cars gain greater fuel efficiency....link
Coventry's taxi drivers on strike - could naked horse riding make a comeback if strike persists?...link
Heavier trains may wear out linesSouth West Trains' and Southern's new rolling stock is more than 10 per cent heavier than the ageing slam-door models that are being scrapped....link
These hidden costs of cars drive me crazy - Some very good points in a Times op-ed about the true cost of car journeys. However I take issue with the claim that, "Poor old Thomas the Tank Engine is cheaper all round, but the punter pays something close to the full cost of the journey every time he steps on to the platform."...link

June 23, 2004

Mobile Phone Service for Airline Passengers- "Passengers will be able to make and receive mobile phone calls, and send or receive text messages just as they do on the ground," Noooo! I'm still waiting to be able to buy a personal jammer to suppress these diabolical devices in my vicinity....link

June 18, 2004

£100 fine for flicking 'V' sign at speed camera - "for not being in control of his vehicle". For goodness sake, have ever heard of anything so stupid?...link
Rude awakening for hybrid dreamers - it seems that hybrid cars aren't quite as economical as people think...link
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Ignore the 'statistics': speed cameras are a monstrous injustice - Tom Utley in the Telegraph...link
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The £103k car and fashion accessory - "Glamour" model Jordan orders Aston Martin DB9 sprayed pink to match her lipstick. I'm not at all jealous. Really....link
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June 17, 2004

Tube PPP costs £455m in consultancy fees - that's about £150 per regular user. And the Telegraph has a comment ...link
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More people killed at many speed camera sites...link
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June 15, 2004

Richard Branson drives to France - in an amphibious car and only takes 1hr 40mins 6secs. Saves queueing up for the ferry....link

June 14, 2004

Transport needs £252bn over 10 years - so says the CBI. Hmm, that's £25bn a year which is about what we spend on the state education system...link
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Not got a parachute? Don't worry the plane has got its own - ?!...link
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FirstGroup clinches Scottish rail franchise...link
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Railways abandon targets on safety - because, they are too expensive. Surprise, surprise...link
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June 10, 2004

Windows Automotive - clever but is it safe?...link
RFID-enabled license plates to identify UK vehicles- Now they know where you're going, our kid....link

June 08, 2004

BA bosses refused £375,000 bonuses - compare and contrast, as they say, with Network Rail...link
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June 07, 2004

Americans and their gas guzzling SUVs - er, hang on this 2.5 tonne, 5.4 litre V8 monster is German...link
Union rights have tilted the balance of power in the workplace - Jonathan Djanogly in the Telegraph. Worth bearing in mind next time the RMT go on strike...link
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Pilots threaten airport chaos - they don't like their (potential) new hours...link
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Motoring costs more than a mortgage - an average of £438 a month. Strewth ...link
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June 06, 2004

Final battle looms in railway wars - yup it's the DoT v SRA v ORR v NR v HSE v the Treasury. Don't ya just love it when they're fighting amongst themselves?...link
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June 03, 2004

The folly of state intervention in the waterways - from the Mises Institute...link
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The car that can see around corners - what will they think of next?...link
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I've had enough of being told what I can't do with my car - Stephen Robinson vents his spleen...link
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Big bonuses for failing rail bosses - Network Rail finds ever more original ways of using up its cash mountain. And there's a Telegraph comment...link
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UK airports paralysed - A computer failure at Britain's main air traffic control centre grounded all flights across the country this morning....link
A pensioner who warned motorists of impending police speed trap was convicted of wilfully obstructing a constable in the execution of his duty, banned from driving and ordered to pay £364 costs yesterday. - "I have been convicted of breaking the law because I was trying to stop others from doing so. It is totally unjust."...link

June 02, 2004

Ryanair posts first profits fall despite increase in passengers...link
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Network Rail reveals £758 million loss - only £758m? Does anyone else smell a rat here?...link
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Seven year old roadworks may soon be completed - A483 in Wales, north of Llanbadarn Fynydd, Powys, have been held up by temporary traffic lights since 1997 after geologists discovered faults on a hillside...link
Roads are becoming less profitable - even for the state. Even in the US. HIghway has some thoughts on why this might be...link
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June 01, 2004

Train drivers better paid than their passengers - according to the ASI...link
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