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November 11, 2004

Healthcare did not start in 1948
Patrick Crozier

According to James Bartholomew

September 16, 2003

State Failure #26: The National Health Service
Patrick Crozier

This really ought to be like shooting fish in a barrel. Anyway, I am going to start keeping a list of NHS disasters. Here we go:

Briton's dash from Spain beat mother's ambulance to hospital 10 miles away

July 23, 2003

The joys of socialised medicine
Patrick Crozier

From a comment posted on Samizdata by Alfred Neumann:

I have [experienced the joys of socialised medicine], resulting from a very bad car accident in Wales. This is what the socialized medicine specialist (not a GP) there told me about a badly shattered part of my body (and this is verbatim, lest anyone accuse me of exaggerating--you don't forget lines like this when your future mobility is at stake):

"I don't know what your American doctor will do, but I wouldn't operate on it." He said "American" with a sneer, of course.

Now, his not operating would have resulted in the shattered bones fusing into a mass, causing me to be unable to walk, or at least normally.

Guess what? My American doctor, upon my return to NYC, completely reconstructed the whole thing, to almost complete freedom of use. I walk normally today.

Fuck. You. Socialized. Medicine.

However, the nurses and Sisters, who were totally overworked, were highly professional. Also, I later found out that I could have been taken to the nearby totally private hospital because I (of course) have private mediacal insurance, and since my insurance was paying either way because I'm not a limey, it could have been paying the private hospital rather than the NHS. Oh well.