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November 20, 2004

Read Non-Trivial Solutions now
Patrick Crozier

OK, you don't have to but while reviewing Andrew's latest output for just the one good piece I found there was a whole bunch of them. For example, on the 16 year-old train bomber:

Six years? 6? In a juvenile detention centre? For trafficking the explosives used to kill 191 people? Bargain. How much bird do you reckon I'd get for doing the Houses of Parliament?

See what I mean?

Everton better off without Rooney
Patrick Crozier

Yup, the Fink Tanker has done the sums and there can now be no doubt.

November 11, 2004

Healthcare did not start in 1948
Patrick Crozier

According to James Bartholomew

Vlaams Blok banned
Patrick Crozier

Tim Worstall covers it. A few thoughts:

  • It is amazing (even by the standards of the BBC) that this story hasn't received higher billing. Actually, I don't think it has received any billing at the BBC.

  • Are there other examples of this sort of thing happening in Europe? We shouldn't forget our rather pointless broadcast ban of Sinn Fein. And I seem to remember the Spanish banned Herri Batasuna, the political wing of ETA. But these are terrorist organisations ie ones that don't accept the outcome of elections, so I suspect an exception can be made. And I'm not going to get that upset about the Germans banning the Nazis even though a better approach might be to allow them to get thrashed at the polls. No, this seems to be unique.

  • Someone will doubtless tell me that it has not been banned and then go on to bombard me with details. I don't care. Obstacles are being put in the way of a peaceful political party. That's all you need to know.

  • Where next for the Flemings? I don't think the Belgian state is nasty enough to violently oppress its own people. And if democratic avenues are blocked then only undemocratic ones are left.

  • This is a hell of an admission of weakness. "Belgium is such a good place that we have to silence all those who think it should be dissolved."


Vlaams Blok is a Belgian Flemish political party that (depending on who you talk to) either wants to secede from Belgium or are a bunch of neo-Nazis.