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January 27, 2004

Patrick predicts
Patrick Crozier

They're building it up as make or break week for Tony Blair what with the vote on tuition fees and the publication of the Hutton Report. The papers and news stories are full of gloom and doom for the Prime Minister.

Well, let me stick my neck out and make a couple of predictions. Firstly, that Blair will win his vote. Secondly, that he although he will be bruised by the Hutton Report and the subsequent debate on it his opponents will not quite be able to deliver the knockout blow.

January 13, 2004

Why are UK house prices so high?
Patrick Crozier

The Telegraph has an in-depth report. The answer? Planning.

But you knew that.

January 09, 2004

Mark Holland...
Patrick Crozier

...has his own blog. At last.

January 04, 2004

Croziervision Quote of the Day
Patrick Crozier
Discos without the bloody disco music, you might say, and with less disastrous drugs.

Brian Micklethwait considers modern art galleries

January 03, 2004

Are you ready for the pain?
Patrick Crozier

When David Carr, of Samizdata fame, sent me an e-mail (text-in-full quoted above) this afternoon he must have felt confident. The title of said e-mail was "Watford v. Chlesea" a reference to the encounter today between debt ridden, relegation-threatened, Division One Watford Football Club (of which I am a fully unpaid up fairweather supporter) and billionaire-bankrolled, all-star, Euro-rolling Chelsea Football Club (of which he is a fully paid up, soul sold, my-life-is-the-result, season ticket holder).

In light of these facts I am sure David will forgive me a brief period of gloating: