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December 12, 2004

The End

As with Transport Blog, so with Croziervision. But why? After all, most of the arguments I advanced for "completing production" of Transport Blog don't really apply here, do they?

Yerno, I'm not really quite sure why I didn't choose to call my new blog "Croziervision". I think it was because I wanted to spend at least some time musing on the very nature of blogging itself and that demanded a complete break: new URL, new software, new host, new post and new name.

Anyway, the deed has been done and I for one am glad - I'm enjoying blogging more than I have for ages. Hope you'll log on sometime.



Aaaag! I just move my RSS feed here. Still - I will follow.

Posted by Crosbie on December 12, 2004


Posted by Patrick Crozier on December 13, 2004