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October 07, 2003

Some Formula 1 links

As many of you will know, I recently gave a talk at one of Brian's Fridays on the subject of Formula One and why it is so bad. It is a subject in which I continue to take an interest and this evening found myself doing a google search on general F1 related things. In the course of the search I uncovered the following:

Course Safety and Emergency Response in Motor Sport, Ben Chapman. This is a final year dissertation and seems reasonably comprehensive. The only thing lacking is a discussion of the impact of high speed, especially high-speed cornering on safey and, thus, regulation.

Putting the "Grand" Back into Grand Prix, Scott Russell (I think). Includes this quote:

This season, for the first time in my years as a Formula One enthusiast, I didn't watch every lap of every race. Infact, I probably watched nearly half the season with my hand on the fast forward button. There where even races I didn't watch. For the first time, I actually just didn't watch races. And I missed nothing. A year ago I wouldn't dream of missing an F1 race. Now I just don't care.

Damning stuff, though I don't particularly like his solutions.

F1 = Fake? by Simon Lewis decries the recent rule changes. He says:

We all agree that the first few Grands Prix of 2003 were entertaining, but they were unusually unpredictable. Initially due to new qualifying rules, but mostly to weather conditions. Lets not forget how much the rain affected things. Take away the weather and the jiggery-pokery of a new qualifying regime and there remained patently little real racing going on.


Safe:How Safe Can Formula One Be? by Roger Horton. The author gets really quite philosophical:

Again we have to ask the question,how safe is safe? What level of risk are we comfortable with?

Risk is something that will always be with us.