Comments: Prosecute motorway lane hogs

We're talking about the middle lane of a three lane highway? Not the 'fastest' lane, but the one not in friction with the on and off ramps? I don't really know what the frequency of on-and-off ramps is on British highways, but I know that with the ones around here, riding the speed limit in the 'slow' lane causes a LOT of hassle with the vehicles entering and exiting the highway. I'm inclined to not bitch about people going slower, as long as there's another lane on the fast side you can use to go around them. Sure, encourage them to move over with a flash from the passing lights, but prosecute? I wouldn't.

Posted by Highway at August 22, 2004 09:56 PM

UK motorways operate differently to US ones. It might be appropriate if they were the same...

Anyway, our Highway Code states that both outer lanes are for overtaking. If they were used in that way, the flow would be more smooth and there wouldn't be as much clogging. As for the approach to exits, it is a simple matter to move out to the centre lane and back again once past.

The French have two-lane motorways and they can manage lane discipline - why can't we?

Posted by Mark Ellott at August 27, 2004 11:37 AM

I would not mind prosecutions for this if there was a simultaneous crackdown and tailgating, which to me is at least as irritating and as a bonus is much more dangerous.

A few motorways in and around Sydney, Australia, have the entrance and exit ramps on the wrong side of the road. That it, you enter and exit the road from the fast lane into the middle of the road (either coming from or going to a tunnel under the road. It has only been done in cases where geography makes it difficult and/or expensive to put the ramps in the normal place, but it is every bit as stupid and dangerous as it sounds.

Posted by Michael Jennings at September 6, 2004 09:18 PM