Comments: Strike ballot for railway workers

Here we go again....

Bob Crow is, at least, consistent - he just doesn't learn. The last time the RMT called a signaller strike, they rejected it. I anticipate a repeat this time. They don't have the stomach for it and are wily enough to realise that there are no winners in the event of a strike. Unless, of course, you count Bob's political kudos...

Posted by Mark Ellott at April 13, 2004 07:24 PM

I am a member or the RMT and I can say that the union do stick up for your right and also if things go they will help you. However I am starting to get fed up with Bob Crow
Lets look at what this man says.

“This is a company which boasts of spending 14m a day, yet on the other hand says it cannot afford to maintain a decent pension scheme or end the divisive inequality in travel facilities.”

OK Mr. Crow very good.

He accused the company of continuing to pay six-figure salaries and large bonuses to directors while “squeezing the pay of the people actually go out and get the work done.”

Mr Crow said: “Network Rail’s short-sighted stance means a two-tier workforce with staff doing the same job getting different conditions and vastly different pensions.”

So get rid of it and give it to the train operators. Oh no but hang on! That’s continued privatisation.

When you read this Mr Crow is saying “continued rail privatisation is biggest threat to railways since Beeching”

Hang on but hasn’t he just slagged off the state funded basically nationalised company Notwork Rail. Also how is continued privatisation a threat to the industry? The only threat seems to be from Notwork Rail and the government

But hang on biggest threat since Beeching. But wasn’t that under nationalisation. Oh but that was the Tories well Beeching was a Tory but weren’t most of the cuts implemented under a labour government? Where was the union then? Oh that was privatisation wasn't it? Lets face it Mr. Crow is only interested in his subscriptions. Maybe the Union should be nationalised if the state is sooo good at running a company?

Where was the union when BR closed the Lewes to Uckfield link not even considered under beeching. How about the Edenbridge link closed in 1985 just conveniently before NSE.

Lets face it the government has not got any idea how to run or operate a railway. Alistair Darlings Words sums it up really. “No government should operate or attempt to operate a railway.” Funny how they have four busy bodies all lining their pockets with tax payers’ money. Bob Crow not many of your arguments hold water. It's funny how he doesn't see that fact that if the infrastructure was integrated into the train operator signalmen and workers would get free travel with the train operator including the 75% disc card.

Mr. Crow I winder when us members get balloted on when we can vote you out! Another crappy Tory invention hey a free vote on who runs the union. The ASLEF bloke went. Lets hope your next! Cause you are nothing more than money grabbing twit and I will be voting against you.

Posted by Amir at April 13, 2004 10:57 PM

I was a member until my redundancy. Had I remained with Network Rail, I would probably have switched to the TSSA - membership of a union is essential (legal representation alone makes it worthwhile), but the RMT is lurching into silly territory. Mr Crow is living in the seventies.

Posted by Mark Ellott at April 15, 2004 04:37 PM