Oil’s Supply and Demand Curves
Robert Smithson, The Oil Drum, 19 August 2007
Although, as the name suggests, primarily about oil, it serves as an excellent primer on supply and demand in general. (Via Pajamas Media)

How hockey sticks explain the relative attractions of statism and of free markets
Brian Micklethwait, Samizdata, 1 October 2004
Why state enterprises decay and why free markets (eventually) work.

The Success of the Industrial Revolution and the Failure of Political Revolutions: How Britain Got Lucky
Findlay Dunachie, Libertarian Alliance, 1996
The Channel meant we didn’t need an army.  The lack of an army made it difficult to oppress us.  So, we were free.  So, we started the Industrial Revolution.

Why We Should Concentrate on Free Trade and Stop Worrying About the Balance of Payments,
Adam Chacksfield, Libertarian Alliance, 1993
Or dumping for that matter.


A dreadful age
Brian Micklethwait, 30 September 2007
The dreadfulness and precariousness (if that is a word) of life in the time of Shakespeare.  Serves as a reminder (which increasingly seems necessary) that wealth and progress are good.

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