Gun Control


Gun control’s twisted outcome, Joyce Lee Malcolm, Reason, November 2002.  Britain’s handgun ban hasn’t worked.

Gun Control in Britain, Sean Gabb, Libertarian Alliance, 1988.  More gun laws, more gun crime.

Why the right to armed self-defence against criminals and against tyrants should not have been suppressed…, David Botsford, Libertarian Alliance, 1997.  More gun laws, more gun crime.

How Gun Control ‘Worked’ in Jamaica, Tina Terry, Libertarian Alliance, 1998.  Guns were outlawed and only the outlaws had guns.

Why Guns Should Not Be Illegal, Brian Micklethwait, Libertarian Alliance, 1995.  Another article on guns.  Interesting because of the Jamaican example.

Gun control doesn’t work. Wouldn’t you feel safer with a gun? Richard Munday, The Times, 8 September 2007.


“Guns don’t kill people, doctors kill people”
Something to Ponder, Theo Spark, 28 September 2007.
There’s a flaw in the logic somewhere.  It’s just that I can’t spot it.


A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone, Theo Spark, 3 August 2007

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Last updated: 03 October 2007

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