The aim behind Patrick Crozier’s Libertarian Filing Cabinet is to create a store for those things on the internet that I think might be useful at some later date.  That’s going to be things like libertarian writings, writings by libertarians, things of interest to libertarians and facts that have a bearing on libertarian arguments.  All organised by subject, type of writing and general usefulness.

At the moment it’s pretty empty but hopefully this will change.  We shall see.

Created on: 08 August 2007
Last updated: 04 December 2007


  1. By the way, please feel free to leave a comment.  I like comments - well, the nicer ones anyway.  Feel freer to leave suggestions for anything I ought to add etc.

    cool smile

  2. Posted by Patrick Crozier on 09 August 2007
  3. This is an excellent idea.  I do something similar to store away things that I don’t have time to post about or think might be useful to quote in future posts.  It’s much less extensive, organised and public, though.

  4. Posted by Rob Fisher on 14 August 2007

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