A waste of time and money, Stephen Pollard, 10 May 2007.  The colossal waste in the NHS.

Which is better, American or British medical care?, James Bartholomew, The Welfare State We’re In, 21 February 2005.
Argues that in the US outcomes are better and that includes for the poor.  Points out that there is massive state involvement in the US.

A Cuban death rehearsal, Prospect, June 2007.  Eye witness account (it’s someway down) of conditions inside Cuba’s hospitals.


Cuba imported Spanish doctors to treat Castro.  From Will He Ever Die? EU Referendum 27 July 2007.

Canadian woman gives birth to quadruplets at US hospital because there were no suitable beds in Canada.
Tim Blair, 18 August 2007

News stories

Patients ‘have been failed by NHS reforms’, Daily Telegraph, 10 September 2007.  So say the patients’ “tsar”.

Private emergency healthcare growing in Australia, The Welfare State We’re In, 29 July 2007.  Assuming this is true and assuming that Australia’s health system is as state-dominated as everybody else’s, suggests that, as there is a market for private alternatives, the state sector isn’t very good.

Woman, 108, must wait 18 months for hearing aid, Guardian, 30 July 2007.  In Britain. (Via Arkanssouri)

Junior doctors forced to stay in unsuitable jobs, The Telegraph, 28 August 2007.  They continue to be messed around by the government’s new computer system.

GP: I may go private because of NHS crisis
Telegraph 29 October 2007.

Record numbers go abroad for health
Telegraph 29 October 2007.

Hospital food fails safety inspection, Burning our money, 13 August 2007.

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