The Talk-O-Sphere: Why the Empire is Striking Back with the Fairness Doctrine, Richard Miniter, Pajamas Media, 1 August 2007.  Interesting not for what the title says is interesting but for a discussion about government restrictions on broadcasting in the US.  These were abolished in the 1980s paving the way for “right-wing” talk radio hosts.  But why nothing similar in TV?

Tilting at Windmills, Joshua Livestro, Pajamas Media, 9 July 2007. Bias from Holland’s state-owned broadcaster.

Crisis-prone BBC needs management clear-out, Jeff Randall, Daily Telegraph, 27 July 2007.  Argues that there are an awful lot of pen pushers.

Harry Phibbs asks, did Michael Moore win the 2000 election for Bush? Citizen Moore: An American Maverick - Roger Rapoport, Social Affairs Unit, 31 July 2007.  Suggests that Moore is not always entirely straight with us.


BBC staff face sack in cheat inquiry, Daily Telegraph, 20 September 2007.  They even rigged a phone-in vote to pick a name for the Blue Peter cat.

Reuters Busted by a 13-Year Old, Little Green Footballs, 10 August 2007.  Footage claimed to be of a recent event turned out to have come from a Hollywood feature film. (via Pajamas Media)

Going to the Well Once Too Often, Confederate Yankee, 15 August 2007.  A press photo claiming to show bullets fired into a house in Iraq appear to have been faked.  Badly. (Via Instapundit)

Spot the difference, Guy Herbert, Samizdata, 12 August 2007.  Similar stories, completely different slant.


“This August I’m sorry not to be in Edinburgh. Not because I’ll miss the Fringe. If I want left-wing propaganda masquerading as comedy I can always tune into Radio 4… “Michael Gove, The Times, August 14, 2007. (Via Biased BBC)

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